Laser game Prague 10 - rezervation on-line

Play 15 minutes of net time, please come 20 minutes before the game, preparation is needed! Thank you for your understanding!

New air conditioning!

A ban on consuming your drink, with the arena being a richly stocked bar!

For booking on line Laser game Harlequin Praha 10 you must select the field with the hour and fill in the data under the icons.

Cancellation only 24 hours before the game, please call by phone!

It can be played at other times only by phone

Mobile (during business hours): +420 607 465 407

Mobil (outside opening hours): +420 602 315 790

<< July 2019>>
1. 7. 2019

Click on the start time of the game - there may be more, select the number of players under the icons with time. Come, please, at least twenty minutes before the game starts, so we can prepare everything and you enjoy the game :-)

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