Laser game Prague 10 - rezervation on-line

Reservations can only be done one day ahead until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservations on the same day can only be made by calling 607 465 407.

Payment for the game is cash only, we do not take cards.

Game time is 15 minutes. Please, arrive about 20 minutes before your game starts, preparation is required!

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Payment before the game, please bring your vouchers printed or have the QR code ready to speed up the check in!

The arena is air conditioned.

Consuming your own drink is forbidden, there is a well-stocked bar at the arena!

To book online Laser game Harlequin Prague 10 you must select the box with the hour and fill in the data below the icons.

It is not possible to book seats at the bar at this website, please book at: pavel@halamka.cz!

Cancellation is only possible 24 hours before your game starts. In case of later cancellation, please make a call!

Playing at different time can only be arranged by calling.

Information for parents - children are not allowed in the pool club without an adult. Running and shouting is forbidden!

Guests of the billiard club have the right to play quietly!

Thank you for your understanding!

There is a briefing before the Laser Game, which has a time limit. For children under 12, an adult chaperone must be present to keep the children quiet. Children are inattentive, do not listen to the briefing, scream and then parents complain about the game because the children did not know how to behave in the arena!

In addition, parents accuse the attendants of raising their voices at their children to shout them down.

Thank you for your understanding!

Game Instructions

tel. +420 607 465 407

tel. out of hours: +420 602 315 790

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Click on the start time of the game - there may be more, select the number of players under the icons with time. Come, please, at least twenty minutes before the game starts, so we can prepare everything and you enjoy the game :-)

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